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Money Management

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Here's how it works.


View your internal accounts (held with us) and external accounts (held at another bank) all in one place. You can change account name, account type, interest rate, credit limit, original balance and account purpose (business or personal). You can also manage alerts and see historical balances!




A summary view of all transactions from internal and external accounts. Filter by account or date, as well as search the dataset for any keyword or amount. All of your tax-deductible transactions can also be marked throughout the year and then filtered for easy access while filing taxes, how cool is that!? Other functions include the ability to add manual transactions and export the list to a .csv file (excel).


Visualize your spending like never before! Identify spending habits by sorting through categories, and subcategories, such as Food & Dining, Entertainment, Heath & Fitness and more. Better understand problem areas now so you can fix them, quickly. Take control of your spending!




A monthly visualization of how you are performing against your predetermined budget. You can create custom categories, change the amount of money allocated to a particular category, view historical monthly budgets and change the projected income amount. View budgets as bubbles (our favorite) or tradition bars.



Manage your debts through viewing all of our liabilities (money owed) in one place. View balances, APR, last payment date and minimum payments. You can also project debt payoff dates and prioritize the payoff of certain debts.

Net Worth

A look at your net worth over time. Drill into each month and see how certain transaction affect overall net worth. View date ranges that span 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.




Manage and visualize your goals on a timeline. Create a goal, name it and associate it with an internal or external account. Change the amount and priority of each goal as you go, as well as the total amount available. Know where you stand at all times as you move towards your financial goals.

Cash Flow

This feature identifies recurring deposits and payments to show spending trends in a clear and simplified view. You can see the impact of additional recurring payments and take action by planning for future expenses.




Receive SMS (text) and/or email messages based on your preferences. Alerts include: exceeded budgets, debt payment reminder, low account balance, large deposit, large expense/withdrawal and fee charges. Define alerts thresholds on a per-account and a per-alert basis!

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