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Digital tools designed to make your life more efficient.


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Online Banking

Bank when you want, from where you want.
Real-time account balances
Transaction history
Transfer money
Bill pay
View check images
TSB Bank's online banking portal is packed with the tools you need to be in control of your finances. Take care of your day-to-day banking needs on the couch, in the office or at the dinner table. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, start with TSB Bank online.

Mobile Banking

All the features and benefits of online banking in the palm of your hand.
Featuring Mobile Check Deposit
Sign your check
Snap a picture
TSB Bank's mobile banking app combines the power of online banking with the convenience and mobility of a cell phone. One of the coolest features is mobile check deposit. All you need is your endorsed check, your cell phone and about 60 seconds. You can’t even get to your car that quickly!

Mobile Payments

Pay with your smart phone (or smart watch).
Available for iPhone users
Available for Samsung users
Available for Android users

Mobile Payments are a very safe and secure way to pay. How is paying from your phone safer, you ask? One word, tokenization. By utilizing mobile payments, each debit transaction is automatically re-coded from your debit card number to a totally random set of numbers. What’s even cooler is that your card is re-coded each and every transaction, making it almost impossible for the bad guys to get your information.


Freeze your card with the touch of a button.
Misplaced your card?
Don't worry. Brella can help.
Lock your card in seconds.
Brella is a free app that allows you to lock, and unlock, your card real-time. Think about how valuable that is!? It’s 8:00 on Saturday night and you can’t find your card. You can either spend the next 36 hours worrying about who has your card and what they are doing with it, or you can quick lock your card using the FREE Brella app. We’ll let you decide.

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